Timeline Of A Worker

timeline of a Worker

25 years

Employees in industry come in all shapes, sizes, ages and personalities. Let's say you hire Joe Smith. He's 25, healthy and strong and you would like to have him work for you for a long time.

His first three years are ideal. He works hard, does a good job and hasn't been hurt on the job. Joe takes care at work because the ergonomic training at work talked about how prevention is easier than treating a bad injury.

Good things happen to him. He meets a gal, they hook up for good and he buys a new Ford F150. Although some of the jobs at work are making him sore, Joe thinks it is because he "slept funny", but goes to the guy that treats the employees at work anyway. Some stretching and working smarter will help a lot.

timeline of a Worker

30 Years

Work gets a little boring and Joe is getting quite sore by the end of the week. He is 30 now and his wife is expecting their second child. He has enough seniority to get some overtime, so "bags" a couple of extra shifts per month. Even though he'd kept up with his stretching, Joe is having more aches and pains and it looks like hockey and a few cold ones aren't going to cut it anymore. He gets a gym pass. It's a real pain to get to the gym, but the way it's going, he isn't going to make it otherwise.

35 Years

timeline of a Worker

It's time to try something different, so Joe bids on that crane-operator job. His back gets a little sore but the new rotating seat they gave him is helping. He'll just keep seeing that chiropractor and massage therapist at work. It seems to keep him feeling well.

The shift work is good for him because he is coaching the kids in hockey and he can make most of the games. It's great to have a job where he can get one overtime shift per week. Between the kids growing out of their clothes, sports and music lessons, the money sure goes fast. If he hadn't stayed in shape, how would he be keeping up with all this?

timeline of a Worker

45 Years

That tingling in the leg has settled down to a dull roar. Joe's doctor says it's a disc bulge and a back sprain. He should have got help with that boat trailer. At least it is getting better. He can go back to modified duties. It will be great to get back to work.

The doctor and therapist at work know his job and will be there to tive Joe some care after the surgery. He goes back to his workout as soon as the doctors allow it. The last thing he wants is exercise after working ten hours a day, but what a difference it makes. It's great to be forty-five.

55 Years

timeline of a Worker

It looks like college for little Billy. How did that happen so fast? Joe has that job in the soundproof booth for half the week and he's training the young guys for the other half. It's great to get out of the booth a few days a week and work with the young guys. It keeps them on their toes having to keep up to the "old man".

Moving around is great for his back and shoulders and he still gets the easy job half the time. He'd better talk to that young guy about his shoulder. The kid looks sore but he hasn't done anything about it.

timeline of a Worker

65 Years

Joe can't believe how fast it went. Finished already. If you would have asked him 35 years ago if he would be running a half marathon at 65, he would have called you crazy. He can't wait for the next five km run with the grandkids.