Ergonomic Work Site Health Programs

Ergonomic Work Site Health Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What value do companies gain from ergonomic services?
    The cost of injury to industry as well as competitive performance forces make early intervention and injury reduction programs an excellent value. We identify risk of ergonomic/soft tissue injury and provide solutions for improvement. We train your people in the personal aspects of safety, things that they can and should do to protect themselves from ergonomic injury. We are dedicated to providing “Gold Standard” on site health care to minimize the effect of strain on your people. The cost of injury to industry as well as competitive performance forces make early intervention and injury reduction programs an excellent value.
  • Why does Ergonomic Work Site Health Programs bring their consultants on site?
    The vision of our company is to provide educational, technical and injury management skills to industry. By providing site specific, custom programs, we drastically reduce risk of injury and support change in the vision of your workforce culture.
  • Why do so many work injuries become difficult, drawn out and expensive affairs? It seems like the doctor is against us!
    Historically, health care for ergonomic or soft tissue injury has been retroactive. Diagnosis and treatment occur late in the process and are delivered by well meaning but very busy health care providers with no idea about your business or the work that takes place at your site.
  • How can companies decrease sick days and sick leave that results from work-related injuries?
    We believe that these ergonomic injuries are preventable and the sources of mechanical strain on the human body are identifiable and can be eliminated or greatly reduced through an ergonomic process. Bringing health care professionals to the workplace, trained in the details of your industry will eliminate communication issues that surround ergonomic injury management presently. Early intervention allows us to derail the expensive process of disability, time-loss injury and modified duty so that we can return significant business value while adding human value to the experience of working for your company. Provide prospective forward-looking programs for your site to improve competitive edge.
  • How do ergonomic programs encourage employees to be more accountable for injury prevention?
    Leadership - An ergonomic process gives form to a process for employees who understand the strains of the job best. Our experience is that the best solutions come from your employees when they have a venue for participation in the solution. We believe that the best efforts of anyone are given freely and cannot be purchased. Strong leadership creates an environment of performance and value for effort. Provide programs that encourage employee involvement!
  • How does Ergonomic Work Site Health Programs encourage employees to participate?
    Respecting your people and the work they perform is the day-to-day business of our company. We help to motivate, and support your people with personal health strategies that may include exercise, stretching, specific treatment or referral for alternate care. Workplace injuries can create complicated situations where the stakes are great and emotions run high. On site programs allow us access to the employees before this occurs and we manage risk very early in the process.
  • Why choose us?
    Experience - We have combined decades of experience managing acute and chronic industrial soft tissue injuries.
     •We know what ergonomic, lifestyle and personal factors help predict future injury and disability in the work force.
     •We know that intervening early in the strain process will reduce injuries.
     •We understand how to change the work site and help improve safe behaviors at work.

    History of Success – Current programs have shown a significant reduction in soft tissue injuries within the first year of operation.

    Customized Program – we realize that each site is unique with its own culture and people. We will design your on-site program to integrate with your culture.

    Leadership – taking responsibility for ourselves is a major theme of our program for management, veteran operators and entry level employees alike.

    We really like our work!